About us

EHC Brussels (European Humanity Center Brussels), a non-governmental organization, develops projects over education, IT, human rights and health related issues. In a globalized world, it is indispensible to make inter-disciplinary works in order to have effective solutions for our current problems. We believe in lifelong learning therefore we are willing to join or initiate projects that contribute the improvement of individuals. Our projects focus on various groups at different levels. We are in contact with various professionals and organizations in different sectors to get support to realize our projects as well as develop new ideas. Everyone can learn from each other.

We would like to write reports and policy papers over relevant issues particularly for the governments, companies, international organizations and non-profit organizations. For these organizations, we can also organize training and education programs in order to update them in accordance with current debates and developments. We also want to enable these organizations to take part in current debates on (inter)national level over their social and economic policy and the priorities they should take care.

The norms and values have a high position in our policy. On the one hand we promote the knowledge and development, and on the other hand we respect the universal norms and values. In order to act consistently, we organize cultural, religious and ethnic classes and workshops in order to better understand why and how people think / act in a different manner. In this way, we could gain a skill to empathize with others. This would be the very first steps towards building a peaceful society. We stimulate and support all kinds of activities supporting this purpose. We do our best to strengthen the citizenship and to build up the awareness of citizens. We respect the differences in various cultures and support the motto of the EU “unity in diversity”. Supporting and taking part in international projects would only contribute or self-identity and personal development. These activities could potentially be completed with a certificate.

We welcome new partners to cooperate in our prospective projects at (inter)national level if they are within one of our goals. We will encourage all initiatives which could be conducive to Belgian-European relationships. We would like to organize also several socio-cultural, athletic, artistic and educative excursions to present the Belgian culture to other nations. This could be via seminaries, conferences, excursions, workshops, sports competitions, etc. As a Brussels based organization, we work for the recognition of academic and cultural diversity and support the mobility as a chance for Europe.