Education is a must for all sectors. Any sector would like to compete with current challenges has to educate its participants regularly. As our vision suggests, starting at primary school, we want to help people of all ages to be a valuable part of their community. The crucial problems such as insufficient learning/teaching methods are becoming more complex every day and we are ready to give a solution to those problems by offering new opportunities like e-learning at home. In this way, the idea of development, teamwork and collective mindset could still be acquired by the students. As an addition, since the refugees are the reality of our modern world, we aim to offer an education to refugees. We want to achieve this goal by offering them customized education, courses, advice, further aid with their integration to the communities, while also informing them of their rights and obligations so that they could be a fully adapted member of our country in the near future.

Nowadays there are many people, especially youngsters, who suffer from technology addiction. We want to help prevent this by organizing seminaries and congresses about technology not only for children but also for students and adults. We also want to make the lives of the elderly easier by teaching and developing IT-skills. This way they can integrate into the modern society easier. For students, we want to organize tutoring and seminaries in terms of study methodology, graduation chances, city trips and leisure activities. For adults we want to organize workshops and seminars on career and personal life. To realize these goals we will form partnerships with other organizations.